Strand Magazine. Issue: May 2018

The magazine for mystery lovers, delivers fiction by award winning writers such as Ray Bradbury, John Mortimer and Michael Bond. Includes an article section looking at mystery writers & their characters past & present in addition to a book review section looking at mystery titles and press releases. € 7.50 Naar de winkel

Women’s Health US. Issue: April 2018

Women’s Health magazine is written for a new generation of women that want practical information on healthy living. Women’s Health provides tips and advice for integrating getting in shape and feeling good into their busy schedules. € 5.00 Naar de winkel

Electronic Products. Issue: April 2018

Electronic Products reports on important developments in products and product technology. Its editorial serves as a key information source for engineers and managers. Electronic Products focuses on the new product and product technology needs of engineers designing today’s electronic equipment and systems. From cover to cover, month after month, we provide the relevant, timely product […]

Just Cross Stitch. Issue: June 2018

Just Cross Stitch magazine is America’s premier cross-stitch magazine. Each issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine features fun cross stitch projects in all shapes, sizes and skill levels with easy step-by-step instructions. € 7.50 Naar de winkel

RELEVANT Magazine. Issue: August 2018

Relevant was started in March of 2003 by Relevant Media Group, a Christian Organization. The three main areas of focus are God, Life, and Progressive Culture. The editors and publishers of the magazine are striving to bring about change through the media and thus impact the world around them. Each issue contains challenging questions and […]

Premier Guitar. Issue: April 2018

It’s the multimedia home for guitarists who are serious about their tone. See Premier Guitar’s print magazine, online digital edition and web site for in-depth gear info, artist features, how-to tips, lessons and more. € 5.00 Naar de winkel